Benchmark name When Created
Large arrays spread vs push 18 hours ago
Lodash isEqual test with big objects

Test on isEqual performance

19 hours ago
function vs const 23 hours ago
JavaScript spread operator vs Object.assign performance (2) yesterday
clone with change yesterday
Query Params Build yesterday
Find vs Reduce 2 days ago
Lodash CloneDeep vs Immer Produce (13kb dataset) 2 days ago
JavaScript Object Mutation vs Object.assign performance 2 days ago
getElementById vs querySelector vs regex

Test performance of different ways of get just one particular DOM element

2 days ago
Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON Clone vs Object Spread 2 days ago
test dom parser 2 days ago
Number array indexOf vs includes vs some vs find vs for vs in

performance comparison of ways to find if an array contains a value

2 days ago
for in vs object keys filter

battle of the object key loops

2 days ago
12121212212 2 days ago
12121221221 2 days ago
Reduce vs map/join on list of objects 2 days ago
Own vs jsonParse 2 days ago
For vs Foreach vs Do While vs While

See who is faster

2 days ago
RFDC clone vs Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON Parse 123 2 days ago
Date vs new Date 2 days ago
parseInt vs Math.trunc 2 2 days ago
lodash vs es6 in find method 2 2 days ago
lodash vs es6 - filter then includes method4 2 days ago
lodash vs es6 - filter then includes method3 2 days ago

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