Benchmark name When Created
getElementById vs querySelector vs getElementsByClassName vs getElementsByName 2

Test performance of different ways of get just one particular DOM element

5 minutes ago
empties vs small array an hour ago
className.indexOf vs. classList.contains (fixed) an hour ago
empty elements an hour ago
Lodash cloneDeep vs JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(obj)) 3 hours ago
Date Comparisons

Testing the perf impact, if any, of date calculations.

3 hours ago
Inv Fast Sqrt

Compare Quakes fast inverse squareroot with reciprocal of math squareroot

4 hours ago
Date Test speed parse iso vs ts 5 hours ago
== vs === v3 5 hours ago
Yeahaaa 5 hours ago
Accent Mark Removal 6 hours ago
String concatenation keys vs Multidimensional array keys - 3D 7 hours ago
String concatenation keys vs Multidimensional array keys2 7 hours ago
JavaScript spread operator vs Object.assign with 3 args performance 12 hours ago
Ramda map latest vs native 12 hours ago
if else vs runtime polymorphic 13 hours ago
es6 class static vs prototype2 13 hours ago
es6 class static vs prototype 13 hours ago
slice vs subarray vs set 2 14 hours ago
Array vs Object vs Map vs WeakMap access2 20 hours ago
Array.prototype.slice vs spread operator different syntax

Compare the new ES6 spread operator with the traditional slice() method

22 hours ago
char index vs charAt() vs slice() vs startsWith()

Compare methods for testing string's beginning character.

23 hours ago


name123123 2 days ago
HTMLCanvasElement and OffscreenCanvas drawImage performance for HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement, OffscreenCanvas and ImageBitmap 2 days ago

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