Benchmark name When Created
smallest 59 minutes ago
JavaScript String Starts/Ends With String Comparisons - Playground2 2 hours ago
read write ArrayBuffer: DataView vs Float64Array.set v2 3 hours ago
objecthavesamevalue or equalfast 5 hours ago
undefined tests 5 hours ago
new Date vs date.setTime 6 hours ago
or vs some 2 7 hours ago
or vs some 7 hours ago
Character String and Regex time 8 hours ago
forEach vs Array.from vs spread operator on nodelist

forEach vs Array.from (with every) vs spread operator (with every) on nodelist

9 hours ago
JSON.parse vs string.split for numbers

This shows that JSON.parse can be faster than str.split

9 hours ago
benchmarking redference check 11 hours ago
String vs OBject 12 hours ago
Array isArray vs Object.prototype 14 hours ago
RegEx vs For Loop 4


17 hours ago
RegEx vs For Loop4


17 hours ago
reduce creation x 21 hours ago
reduce creation2 21 hours ago
reduce creation 21 hours ago
querySelector vs querySelectorAll 9999 23 hours ago
querySelect 23 hours ago
JS: insertBefore vs prepend 2 yesterday
Array(length).fill() vs Array.from({ length: length }) 2 days ago
Access to Proxy vs Object 2 2 days ago
filter -> includes vs filter -> Set.has() vs populate Map v2 2 days ago

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